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Pirx Danford

  1. Passion versus Scepticism


    since quite some time I am mulling over how to approach this and sparked by the posting of my dear friend Lee I believe I can finally find the necessary words.

    Why is it the way that so many people including me see so much negative things about Mindark?

    The answer is plain and simple, somehow I seem to carry a passion in me to talk about obvious things.

    Yes its passion that is the fuel for the hatred towards Mindark.

  2. Hostility versus Civility

    Dear readers,

    these ponderings were caused not only by events within Entropia Universe but also the very different behaviours displayed here on the Entropia Forum.

    I like to be known as a civil person, but of course from time to time I fail to achieve this.

    There is a lot that can be gained from being a civil person, but then why is not everyone always civil?
    There is no single answer to this but in fact 3 which should cover all reasons to be hostile ...
  3. Responsibility versus Ambition

    Hello again,

    as last time I am talking about a commonplace matter.
    For me it is a current experience, so this blog is also to clear my mind a bit.

    How to start... well lets ponder on ambition.

    Ambition is not a trait that has to be negative, as a matter of fact everyone has ambitions.
    Its what drives us, to want to achieve something, the ambition to become a good miner, hunter or crafter.
    Or the ambition to become a society leader, ...
  4. Venting versus Boasting

    Dear readers,

    as I do not like to talk without substance to write about do not expect this blog to be very active.

    Today I am starting this blog and the first thing I would like to talk about is balance.

    Many know me already and it is said I have a mild character, but is that so?

    When VU 9 was introduced I was among the moaners and I was in rage as many others were.
    It even went as far that I negrepped someone who told us whiners ...

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