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Updates and news regarding the administration and development of

  1. Exciting new features added to EF

    A couple new tools have been added to EF to enhance community building among our members:

    Member Activity Info
    Which displays a a small meter of each member's activity and longevity on EF.

    Member Post Awards
    Admins and moderators (and perhaps soon, senior EF members) now have a feature to highlight particularly helpful or infomative posts. See the thread for more info.

    Lots of very interesting tools are also coming soon to EF. The EFD Store ...
    EntropiaForum News
  2. Importing of Diary Threads to EF Blogs Looks Promising

    I am in contact with the programmers of the software that powers EF, and it is looking more promising that we will find a solution to import existing diary threads into the EF Blog platform.

    Just a quick update!
    EntropiaForum News
  3. EFD Store Upgrades

    The EFD system is undergoing a massive overhaul. The EFD system in use on EntropiaForum is a third-party addon to the core forum software. The old EFD software addon was outdated, had some security issues, and was no longer supported by the programmer.

    Thus, I have had to migrate over to a new commercial addon. Thankfully, I have found a very powerful and full-featured forum points system to replace the old software, and it promises to make the EFD system better than ever! This software ...
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  4. EntropiaForum Blogs are here!

    Just a quick example of the new blogging tools added to EntropiaForum.

    Members can now share their thoughts and experiences of EntropiaUniverse with this powerful and user-friendly new feature of EntropiaForum!

    Read the official announcement here:

    Announcing EntropiaForum Blogs
    EntropiaForum News

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