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  1. My Quest to get 1 of Everything (well almost everything)

    I started thinking about loot the other day. And I started wondering if it was possible to get 1 of all the loot from a particular MOB. I asked, and people had no answer. So I decided to try myself. Something small at first. Something I could handle, that had a good variety of loot, and something that spawned quite a bit.

    So I chose Halix. The Leopard/Hyena Cross breed looking creature on Planet Arkadia.
    I will keep a log and track it by a small sequence using the same tools ...
    Tags: halix, loot
  2. I Still Climb Mountains

    When it's the only way to get to the top.

    As I traveled the universe, I visited an odd but enjoyable resort planet called Next Island - which was far more fun than I expected. On my first trip I made a brief visit to Ancient Greece. Was I drugged? Was it some sort of VR trick? Or was it just a theme park? Hard to say, but it does force you to explore on foot - like old days here on Calypso. On the second trip (I wanted some more of the Herb Boxes) I spent a long time exploring. ...
  3. Falling for Entropia!

    I love this game so F'ing much, one could say I've fallen head over heals for it!!!
  4. COMIC: Life of a Calypsian 63

  5. Graphics Settings!

    So today after watching a few videos on you tube I decided to bump up my graphics settings just to see how my PC would handle it... And to my surprise it runs rather well considering that I'm using a WiFi N network ADSL ofc!

    So as a result of todays effort i think Ill just have to leave these setting on Very High!
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