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  1. Chapter 3. Searching for my Darling & Organising Finances

    Tom Tennant was the Bartender at Moonshine Bar, he seemed helpful & approachable.

    “So you are Slack’s little lady, he had so much to say about you”

    Obviously telling everyone how much he missed me I thought.

    “ he just disappeared, & we have really noticed a drop in our takings since he has gone”

    He left a note for you though, also a bar tab which he said you would be picking up.

    I snatched the note holding it for ...
    Role Play
  2. Chapter 2 A Bumpy Start, Dealing with incompetent Bureacracy

    “What do you mean 10K sweat !!” I screamed.

    Glaring at his shifty, watery bloodshot eyes, blotchy skin, lumpy booze blossom of a nose, I felt an overpowering urge to reach over grab his scrawny pencil neck & squeeze.
    “Now Miss, settle down now, do I need to call Security”?
    I suddenly remembered the presence of all the armed guards I had barely noticed when I had disembarked; maybe this type of scenario had happened before.
    I would have to adopt a more polite ...
  3. Chapter 1 Arrival

    Chapter 1:1 Arrival

    I am so excited, bursting with happy anticipation.

    The Ships intercom was proclaiming “Entering Planetary space, please begin collecting & stowing your belongings & prepare for landing.

    I looked around, we were all doing that, smiling & laughing at each other, young single ladies embarking on our grand adventure – leaving smoggy overcrowded earth to arrive at the place of our dreams. Arkadia, pure and unsullied, where valuable ...
  4. My Arkadian Adventure

    My story features actual players - and I did obtain their consent (sort of)

    Slack - he is a musician, and his name refers to the style of his playing. He is nothing like I have portrayed him - the opposite if anything he is a really nice person.

    Father Jack - he is not a practitioner of what the Victorians called "secret vice" . He has a wife and family for God’s sake. He just dared me to include some things in my story, so it was only fair he starred in ...
    Role Play
  5. How it is

    The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk--
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    The men of my own stock,
    They may do ill or well,
    But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
    They are used to the lies I tell;
    And we do not need interpreters
    When we go to buy or sell.

    The Stranger within my gates, ...
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