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  1. Maria's Muse: FOMA Shop #22

  2. Hunting is my thing

    So decided to come back to the game after about 8 years break, on and off here and there clicking shit or killing a hogg.

    Now I'm back but hunting full time, crafting my own equipment where I can and basically spending peds again but not at the sick rate I did before.

    Let's see where this chapter takes me.
  3. smuggler list

  4. Game Plan

    As I track my progress, I wonder how long it will take me to hunt some decent mobs like Atrox and Allophyl comfortably and I wonder how long it would take to hunt things like Neconu and Hogglo.

    For now I just log in and skill while doing the starter missions; and the daily missions to collect tokens. I take it slow and aim mostly at the bonus missions which results in 20 tokens each.


    Weapon Progress

    Once I hit level 3 in BLP

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  5. The search through memories

    Thule is not New Oxford and what seems like a lifetime has gone by.
    Yet this won't deter me from my quest.

    Some come to this place by the lure of riches,
    others for the fun of game.
    For I once was one of them.
    Now, it is my past I claim


    Holding my gun and shooting I start to remember a lifetime forgotten.
    The cold of Thule's air alivening my breath
    as life force flows to my veins.

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