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  1. Chapter 9; random musings on arkadian history - the arkadians

    The weather is bitterly cold and the atmosphere is dry and dusty, visibility is limited. I can see Oratans in the distance carrying out their irritating and illogical patrols, probably hunting for me, as I have been actively hunting them.
    But, I am operating at my limits and I need a break to repair and maintain my equipment and just to rest for a while. They can hunt themselves in the meantime, for now I have had enough.
    I am warm and safe for the moment, so while taking it easy, ...
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  2. !! This is a scam !!

    When two avatars compete in the same event having the same profesión levels, but one of them has 50 times more gear than the other in my opinion it is a scam. Because the avatar without equivalent resources will have no chance against the other, and he will have no option than loosing everytime. (Imagine Mike Tyson fighting in the same ring against Rambo, will be something ...

    Updated 06-12-2020 at 23:56 by Xavier_Jr

  3. Selling: Explosive Projectiles Recycle Blueprints

    Explosive Projectiles Recycle Blueprints

    Selling Explosive Projectiles Recycle Blueprints

    [Explosive Projectiles Recycle 1 Blueprint (L)] attempts X195 MU 55,000%

    [Explosive Projectiles Recycle 2 Blueprint (L)] attempts X80 MU 65,000%

    [Explosive Projectiles Recycle 3 Blueprint (L)] attempts X93 MU 163,000%

    If interested PM ME here or in game (JeongHwan Aquarius Robin)
  4. Chapter 8: Dreaming While Dawns left Hand was in the Sky

    Dawn on Arkadia is beautiful. It makes me think of earth dawns, far back before the time of pollution, global warming, overpopulation and other crimes humans have inflicted upon nature.
    The glowing colours of yellow, gold & red – just draw one to the feeling how alike Arkadia & Earth are.
    Yet the bursts of violet, magenta & lime green – while surreally beautiful, demonstrate that Arcadian & Earth similarities are very very superficial – Arkadia is in essence an alien ...
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  5. What is wrong with "The Enigma Keys"

    What is the problem with "Enigma Keys"?

    I encountered a serious bug in step 3 of Enigma.

    I finished a difficult the door and opened it, but... I can't go any further. I can't move forward as if there is a transparent glass screen in front of me... What should I do in this situation?

    pls check the second video below:
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