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  1. Component Quest Post 003

    First HOF of the component quest on basic servo bp, 570 PED! About a 9500 multiplier

    Very pleased indeed.
  2. Sir Matt's Component Quest Post 002

    After tens of thousands of clicks finally reached 100 QR on basic auxiliary socket bp , took about 9 days so far quicker than the previous BPs.

    I did this on condition crafting as I found it quite hard to shift these on auction. Highest loot was around 23 ped (about 350 multiplier).

    I looted two new BPs to add to my collection, simple springs I ...
  3. Sir Matt's Component Quest post 001

    Hi all,

    I have decided to start a blog to track the progress of my lastest and perhaps most ambitions endevor... To reach 100 QR on all 167 component BPs .

    I will craft the components in order of TT cost per click (lowest to highest) and post here things like biggest loot, most interesting bp drop etc a lot with a picture of each BP as it reaches the fabled 100 QR.

    All BPs were either looted during the quest or bought to fill any gaps. When buying ...
  4. MoDa Brukite Shiny Short Pleated Skirt with Akadia Hornet Trim

  5. Maria's Endeavors

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