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  1. Just a quick check-in...

    I've been doing some testing of my new Quad Wing. I think there may be some interesting findings... Still more to do, but I'll post in the vehicles forum when I'm done and link to it from this blog.

    Twice in space I've lost significant amounts of loot to PVPers. This is not good enough. I hardly ever lose anything in PVP4.
  2. space sid's final fronteer

    Space .....

    a new thing for me and for many others aswell

    the possibiliy to go to space resulted in a bit of a wait for me.
    as i made mistakes to buy the naglfar and the chopper to fast as they suddenly where build in big numbers and worth like shit.
    (lost a lot on those)
    i decided to give it a wait before going up there.
    offcourse i want the best equipment if i start with something , so i wanted a quad interceptor.
    the price on the ...
  3. Explosion and Death - In Space

    I knew I wouldn't be able to kill another Cosmic Horror- I'd taken too much damage already, so I figured I should try to catch the blast...

    ...then died a lonely death... space.

  4. Yet Another Hillclimb

    This one caught me by surprise - I only noticed the road from the air when flying overhead. I was planning on landing on top if I could (I did) and my first drive was from the top down.

    Here is the mountain from a distance. It is located on the island south of Memorial Island.

    And here is an overhead view of the mountaintop.
  5. Channel Kev: BlogTube - Richard Thompson OBE showcase (15)

    Richard Thompson: Calvary Cross (live):

    Powerful performance of RT's enigmatic song:

    Sneaking this next one in where nobody will see it.

    I used to have a thing for Michaela Strachan like the guy in this song and I imagine I wasn't the only it just seem so wrong! ...
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