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  1. Maybe we should meet ingame..
    In order to let me remember
  2. well its was small but not that small
  3. Are you sure It's me?
    My characters name is Rubistis Ruby Gemers...
    Mainly Ruby though..

    I do recognize your name so much just don't know why >_<
    Is your character really short?
  4. hehe its been over year since last time we have writed together and yes in i PE... and thx you were the first one
  5. Do you expect me, person with worst memory ever to rememebr anyone from the old times?
    Fuck this makes me feel terrible. :<
    I do recall a Lily... But It feels like It's more from Lineage 2 rather than PE. >_<

    Btw less than a month until you're 25, congratulations! (I bet I was the first one ;P)
  6. old friend from PE times
    Lily Bloom
  7. Who are you and why did you befriend me?
    Just curious, not being rude.
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