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  1. the whole thread was about making mind force easier better to use by balancing it to simular eco of other more normal hunting weapons. Your point was stupid and pointless, having nothing to do with the topic and not contributing anything what so ever. just a silly "i want more peds" whine imo.

    However sure ill still answer your question. Adding L stuff with SIB increased the eco of about 90 of the entropia population at that time.

    another 2 examples you probably dont like is amp and axe nerf. sure those balances was done by decreasing eco of the profitable setups opalo+a105 and axe 1x0, however it did incrase return for anyone not using these setups. I say this because i do belive there is a lootpool, maybe i am wrong. (player a profits means player b and c loosing - imo).

    Anyway, was wrong to say "you suck" when repping. should have said "crappy pointless post".
  2. I know i suck.. but.....
    Just give me one example where something has become cheaper, or kept the same price after MA has done a rebalance.
    If you cant ---> you suck.

    Sir Valentin
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