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  1. Haha ty for +rep...

    My sig.......
  2. looool

  3. that one has one has been on my ignore list for a loooong time lol
  4. Lmao!

    I just saw that Mastermesh got banned.. lol

    everyone is getting bans these days!
  5. was that troll spammer, scammer geezer again lol the one that said it was all a load of shit and he wont depo one cent cos we are mean, hes banned now, i can spot em a mile off 8)
  6. Thread: N/A

    what thread was that? lol, it must have been removed
  7. aaaaaahhahahahahahha me too 8)
  8. hahaha I think so, makes me happy to hear

    big FAIL is FAAAAIL
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