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DJ's Blur

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I have no idea how I have spent the last week.
Its all a blur.
Living a life in shock, and trying to get on with normal life.
Burnt dinners and near on car accidents.
Friends in game..
OMG bless my friends in-game
People are SO polite at time.
and thank you

I have no memory of questions asked of me this week, and no memory of people answering my questions.

Did that make sense lol?

I have some really nice friends in-game, I mean REALLY nice friends.

Not one person has commented on my 'vagueness' recently.

Not one person has said 'you asked me that yesterday'

Thanx all.

I will try to get back to normallity soon.


  1. Vixen78's Avatar
    Take your time DJ. Especially with what you are going through with your father
    Just take things one day at a time. It's nice that you have many great friends here to help support you through this tough time.
    If logging in game distracts you enough to forget things for a bit and it puts a smile on your face...If that helps you to cope and get back on track, all the better then.
    Just do what you have to do hun, Say what you need to say... get closure... no regrets.

    My deepest sympathies...


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