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DJ's Wrath

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Ok where am I at now?


Its not displaced btw, so any psychologists reading this can eff off straight away.

Im so VERY angry.

So there we all were, a happy time, a great time btw!!
People I had known from childhood, all my relatives, ALL there on the Eve, having a good time at the hotel bar.

Was just the happiest place I could be at. Absolutely surrounded by all the important people in my life.
No one could touch me in that group.
Was just utterly surrounded by people that knew me, cared for me.

So happy, in this state, and so happy my brother was to be married in the morning.

My brother's marraige is major, I only have 2 brothers, and this is the first to marry, at 38.

So I have waited a long long time.

He hasnt rushed it either, he has been with this lovely girl for 10 years.... 10 years!!

They spent 25k on this wedding, It was going to be absolutely stunning!!

Hope I have painted a picture here, on how happy I was..on how much I was looking forward to this wedding...How happy I was to be with friends, and family.

How much I was looking forward to the next day!!

Then, later in the night I hear my mother crying, she's drunk.. we all are, except she's more drunk than anyone.

Then I hear what she's crying about, a terrible secret she has kept from me.

Then Im told.

Next day; We all stand there with plastic smiles planted on our faces, on the most important day of my brother's life

Afterwards theres free champagne at the bar, but again, we dont drink it.

As much as I love my Mother (and I do) as much as I understand her facing a husband of 40 years getting ill...

"Did you HAVE to tell me on the eve of my brothers wedding??"

One more day Mother, but its too late now, isnt it?



  1. Frigid's Avatar
    Yeeesh...timing is everything and there *are* bad times to let long-standing secrets slip. I won't pry, but just hope it's something than can be dealt with and put behind you...


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