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Dejays Dad part 2

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Nice news is, my Father had tests and the cancer hasnt spread to his bones, or anywhere else

Sad news is, all those people that were lost for words in-game..can now speak to me again, Its all cool now, my father isnt about to drop dead.

Thanx for not knowing what to say..So saying nothing, and totally avoiding me, I really appreciated that

/sarcasm off\

But I am harsh, I can understand it, people do come here to escape, to switch off. Who on earth would want to log in, and ask after someone's dying father?

Well, no-one.

Although, I think I might.
But we forget, no, we really do.

EU does reflect real life so very much. We are all so very busy in real life, then when it comes to logging in, again, we have so much to do, again!

Im not feeling lonely, maybe just a bit forgotten
Its not an attention thing, but wanting someone to remember?
Just ONE person.

I guess that one person, knowing my Father is ill, is me.

Then so be it

Here's to gaming and having fun people!

But to my Father, I will remember



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