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DJ's mate's Head

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Well, If your going to get on a 16'2 hh horse, ex racehorse, thoroughbred, I'm thinking "Do up your hat at least!!"
Especially one that is known to buck and rear
My friend didnt

End result, she's found in the lane outside the yard, with a serious head injury.

Where has DJ been?

Doing the work her now nearly dead friend cant do.

Horses are easy, all you have to do is throw a saddle on them and go enjoy the country-side scenes.

You can amble about for hours with no worries about tractor's, bikes, yapping dogs, trucks, white van drivers, dick-head car driver's that think their 30 mile per hours WILL mover faster than a horse can spook.

(I'm being sarcastic btw)

Well that taught her a lesson she wont forget hey, the force of a bucking horse will actually knock your hat off, if it isnt done up.

By the time you hit that floor, said floor being a rocky lane, not a nice over-grown field, your unprotected head will connect with said rocks.

Those rocks are rather unforgiving, and no match for a human skull.

Rocks won.

The blood had to be hosed away, so much of it.
The stuff ran down the lane.

Anyhoo, so thats where I am now.

Getting on with it, looking after the horses, because the person that didnt do her hat up..cant

Was tempted to end it there, but wont.

She is by no means 'fixed' atm, I guess Im trying to make a point.
Dont take these animals for granted, you might die.. No joke, people do.

Just be careful.

btw, I am.. from experience.

(For Gemma, grow up mate, get well, and in future... dont take risks)



  1. Calin's Avatar
    My best wishes to your friend. Horses are wonderful animals, but due to their size and strength one must always be careful. I've never known a horse that hurt someone on purpose, but I have known several people who have been hurt by a horse. Each time it was because the person did not respect the horse's strength or it's fear. - Calin


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