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MindStar9 Reflections

Finally Customized The Blog

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[B][COLOR="Teal"]This was easy[/COLOR][/B] ... I used the same customization I have for my profile, and just tweaked a couple of things. I really like that we can customize this area too ... thanks 711, I really appreciate the wonderful features that you provide for us at this forum. :wtg:

[B][COLOR="Teal"]It's been a while[/COLOR][/B] ... but I have enough EU activity going on again to revisit this blog. I have a few things to jack my jaws about, so I'll be back soon to put a bit more into print.

[B][COLOR="Teal"]Ciao for now[/COLOR][/B] :D

Updated 03-01-2009 at 23:52 by MindStar9



  1. 711's Avatar
    Blog styling looks great MS9, nice work
  2. MindStar9's Avatar
    [B][COLOR="Teal"]Thanks to you MrAdminMan[/COLOR][/B] ... I love that we get to play around with this a bit to make it more stylized. This little spot is about to get busy, and I'm rather looking forward to it. :D

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