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MindStar9 Reflections

1 Global, 2 Pieces of Armor

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[B][COLOR="Teal"]Wednesday evening[/COLOR][/B] ... my socmate Odd Bunny (Sir Odd) and I decided to have ourselves a bot hunt North of Twin. It had been a while, and it was something that we really enjoy doing.

[B][COLOR="Teal"]As we traveled our usual route[/COLOR][/B] ... bots, troopers, and warriors found the business end of our weapons and surrendered. However, one Trooper Gen 03 decided that our efforts deserved a bit more than was coming our way, so he presented us with this ...

[url=][img][/img][/url][i][size=1][br]Click to enlarge[/br][/size][/i]

[B][COLOR="Teal"]Now[/COLOR][/B] ... if these two pieces of armor had been (UL) instead of (L), this would surely have been an uber, and found its rightful place in the Hall of Fame uber loots forum. However, the moment was still celebrated since we hadn't ever looted anything like this before. :wtg:

[B][COLOR="Teal"]What I thought was funny[/COLOR][/B] ... was the fact that we were each given a gender-appropriate piece of armor. :laugh: We will play with the bots again, I'm sure, because this go round reminded us just how much we missed it, and just how much fun we always have when we get crazy in EU.

[B][COLOR="Teal"]And speaking of crazy in EU[/COLOR][/B] ... there will be a whole new series of picture storytelling ... not only about JSA's crazy EU adventures, but there's a new role-playing series in development as well. :D


  1. sir odd's Avatar
    Was fun grabbing the boar armor...don't forget the second global either
  2. MindStar9's Avatar
    [B][COLOR="Teal"]You're right my dear Bunny[/COLOR][/B] ... there was a 2nd global as well, which I should have included in my original post, but I thought the title was a little catchy. :laugh:

    [B][COLOR="Teal"]Anyway[/COLOR][/B] ... here's that 2nd global ... especially since I looted an Isis LR41 (L).

    [url=][img][/img][/url][i][size=1][br]Click to enlarge[/br][/size][/i]

    [B][COLOR="Teal"]Thanks for the reminder OB[/COLOR][/B]! ;)

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