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Errrm.. Dude, where's my H380s? - Day 12 - 11/11/2007

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OK, so, I had gotten used to things on Faucervix Island... hunting with Korss, looting Korss... it seemed all was going generally ok with a minor margin of expected losses. Unfortunately, my fear of a 'no H380 in my loots' run came to life today.

Whilst hunting the Faucervix though, I was able to notch up to Level 13 Laser Pistoleer and get to the milestone of 100 HP. Not bad not bad

Question is, what should I do, go and whack the Faucies with the Adj. so that they drop me Korss again, or aim a little higher for a short time and power level into the Korss 400 Zone?

Well, answering my own question I decided to take a run at Feffoids again. Loots were kind of ok and I managed to yield myself another Korss H400. I'm selling these at the moment, as I am unable to wield them. Selling them helps take the edge of any losses experienced whilst hunting Feffoids, particularly as I'm using the Adj. M2722.

My Run Breakdown is as follows:



That's all for now folks, look out for my next instalment tomorrow!

Updated 11-25-2007 at 14:59 by AkiranBlade

A new day, a fresh beginning!


  1. Kujo's Avatar
    GZ to 100hp, just love the health gains :P


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