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Shhhhhi..... rubbish loots :( - Day 13 - 12/11/2007

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Well, another day of really quite rubbish loot. I logged in and began out whacking Feffoids in normal form, but when several society members were online, we decided collectively to go out on a quick hunt. I shouted Argon00bs.... which seemed well received, so off to Twin Mall we all headed (except for 101, who was already out bashing the Args there.) Set up the team and headed out into the frey.

We were slaughtering mobs left right and centre, having a bit of fun... dodging the odd Argonaut Hunter swipe. Eventually 101 had to leave, then Cyco, leaving Tai and I to 'clean up the mess' as it were. We eventually called it a day at nigh on the end of my ammo. I didn't have a good feeling about this hunt, many many no looters in a row... and as I was vacating the mountain ... whoosh 6k+ PEDs to some guy in the area... typical.

The TT terminal revealed the extent of the damage before even going to the repair terminal, it was ugly. . RIGHT! I thought, it's just a minor set back, let's repair, tool up and hit the Feffoids again, that'll sort me out!

Things seemed to be going pretty well actually, bash a few, bunch of no loots, then whammo a nice mini...bash a few, bunch of no loots.. whammo... you get the idea. I thought, I might even be in with a chance of profit on this one, even without any Glowballs. How wrong could I be. Yet another not great TT terminal looking back at me... insidiously laughing... a vision of an uncommon smiley...chuckling at my noob ass.

I've been reflecting on my past week's exploits lately, I feel, certainly in comparison with my very first days on Calypso 2 years ago, that I had been playing a much more economical game. Looking at (L)imiteds and even picking up what is actually a very economical weapon. I've also been understanding my fellow society mate's loots. They had been doing pretty well, even if it was just the one day. I look at my data sheet (a bit of paper I use to write down all my hunting trips and is ultimately written in my diary,) to find that I can count the profitable runs on one hand with one digit to spare, compared to 27 total runs I have made since starting out again.

Why is this so, I know plenty of other people, low skilled an' all who have a lot more positive variance than I do. Using Limited equipment I am still continually at a negative 20%-45% average range.... why is that even possible when I am 10/10 or near on on this equipment?

I know one thing is for sure, I will be sweating if this continues.

Run data for the mathematically excited is as follows:


Let's hope my luck changes...

Updated 02-14-2008 at 15:57 by AkiranBlade

A new day, a fresh beginning!


  1. Oracle's Avatar
    Yup, same here mate...I've never had such a bad loot run.

    Good luck with turning things around!
  2. RazorFire's Avatar
    Looking forward to the Tuesday entry


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