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8330 reasons to be cheerful

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Well I had given up any hope of hitting a 1K+ around 6 months ago but today I did it:

Very possible I'll never beat that - I hope it inspires others, I lost a lot of ped the week preceding it.


  1. Oracle's Avatar
    Congratulations Mega, I wish you many more!

    I'm convinced though that the key to HoF's is making sure you lose plenty of peds over the preceding months.
  2. Sidewinder's Avatar
    It's inspired me, at least

  3. Mega's Avatar
    Yeah, I noticed that I tended to grumble a bit before my other much smaller hof's so it does seem loot is "held back" or "saved up" ready to be awarded at a future time.

    Sidewinder, keep going you'll get one one day.
  4. Miles's Avatar
    Complete with Knight Thighs(F)

    Big Gratz

  5. Mega's Avatar


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