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Rawr! :3

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Not been in game much recently due to a variety of things - the main ones being work and new game releases/demos. *cough*Borderlands*cough*Left4Dead2*cough* If anyone fancies a game, or wants to add me to FL on Steam, then lemme know. ^^

But the time spent in EU... well, it's not so bad. When I was last playing frequently, MA kindly gave me a 1.5K Ambu HoF! First solo four-figure hunting loot ever, so needless to say I was quite happy. Something I've waited over four years to get, and even though it's considered a 'small' uber it's something I was grateful to get. Patience is virtue

Not looted any SGA items yet though, not even pixie parts or an Opalo. Only got about 6 weeks left, so really hope something will drop for me. Anything. But if it doesn't I'll be at least reasonably happy with the aforementioned HoF.

Only noticed today as well... seems my small amount of forum whoring during work has somehow resulted in senior membership. Now how long has that been there?!?

So overall it seems everything is going oddly well. Which if I was paranoid, would be somewhat suspicious. o_0

Only downside come to think of it is that it's a wee bit quiet in game these days. Mostly my FL is red so... ehh, getting a bit bored. Miss having lotsa people to talk to :/



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