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Vehicles and TP runs o_o

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Thought I'd mention this since I've not seen it in the forums yet. Seems MA have already implemented the control actions for vehicles (which makes sense given the recent Wastelander event).

Took the screenshots from the action book:

Click to enlarge

Get out of vehicles, brake and operate lights. At least we'll be able to drive at night without wrapping the vehicle around a tree! However there is no sign of 'shoot vehicle weapon' or 'rotate turret', so at least for now it looks unlikely they'll be armed. Unless of course more actions are added later on.

The vehicles shown so far... ehh. They look too old in my opinion, since they don't seem to fit well with the rest of the technology on Calypso. We have nice sleek buildings, laser guns, robots... and yet we still drive around in a 1980's Humvee lookalike? Think MA need to focus the design of them more on say, the Warthog from a certain popular Xbox game, or the APC from Aliens, or hell even the new Batmobile.

Oh yes, and I REALLY hope they can be handled well. Last think I want to drive is something that acts like a shopping trolley on ice with a panicked rhino in it. You know the kind of thing I mean. A vehicle where it feels such a hassle to drive, you'd rather walk. Then again, this is MindArk. Why do I have an unnerving feeling our vehicle system will resemble Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing?


In any case, so long as I can afford one, all is good

Been doing some TP running this week. Noticed there were a few new TPs that were not on my map, so headed out to get them. No TP chip, just mah OJs and a gun like the good old days Although at least these days I don't have the fear of being stranded at an outpost for hours... but then again that was most of the fun of TP running.

Had a quick go on the large purple blob-trees, also known as Proteron. Youngs and matures don't seem to hard, it's just that take so bloody long to kill. :/ However there usually seems to be plenty of HOFs coming from them, so may camp them for a short while and test luck on them. It'll probably be PED card suicide, but you know... all in the name of fun.


...and in RL, found my phone in the end. Got through part one of the interview with Codemasters, and awaiting to hear what they say about part two. Had to do a task for them that was supposed to test design, creativity and communication skills. So at the moment waiting to hear back from ém... and if that goes well only have one more face-to-face interview to go \o/

Got some spare time now too, so should be in game more these days. So quick. Run whilst you can



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