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Personal Drinking/Diet Log/Experiment

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Here it goes. First a little introduction.

The inspiration for this experiment has come from reading many of the EF mining run threads, the only thing missing in many of them was humour, so I've used that format in a slightly differnt way.

I'm a non-depositor so got not much money to spend. My Drinking skills are not great, but possibly a tad too high. I feel that I am over weight and look like buster blood vessel.

This is a Rl experiment blended with Entropia, kinda like a diet with a difference

I'm doing this experiment for a number of reasons:

1. I'd like to cut down on my Drinking.
2. Save money in the process (spend less, reduce waste)
3. Loose Weight (less decay live longer)
4. Get Fitter. (Feel good and have fun in the process)

I'm doing this experiment to see if it is possible to profit (budget & get healthy) in the experiment and loose weight over a long time. Many people say it is possible so now I want to do it and share the result with the community.

I will measure the process in these ways & log the details on each run:

1. Weight loss
2. Decreasing amount spent or spending more
3. Well being (if I feel fitter)
4. The Less Beer & Wine I drink (or more)

My equipment is:

  • Halifax Visa (L) 4K not maxed yet
  • Crystal (L) Glass (very classy, it makes a lovely sound on the rim)
  • Pixie armour for protection
  • A strong non shaking right hand
  • Hinari Scales Max weight 120Kg (19 stone)
  • A mountain bike (Still gonna buy a new one)


  • Beer (extra strong 9%) - A bit like Bombs
  • Red Wine (Australian blend 3Lt boxes 12%) - Probes
  • Tea
  • Snacks
  • Main meal excluded (I don't want to kill myself)
  • Smokes - Drum light 50g Tobacco Spanish (cost not included I get them cheap)

Additional add ones (Amps):

I have decided to not drive the car during the experiment or unless necessary, so hope to see a alot more walking/excercise.

I will weigh my self and account each morning from the last day.....

Run 1: - 14/04/08

  • Location: Treasure Island N-W
  • Start weight - 100KG (appox 15.5 stone) no comment
  • Spent - 14.59
  • Bombs used - 2 (3)
  • Probes used/purchased - 30 (3 lt box of Red Wine) 11.59
  • Exercise - 1/2 mile walk

Results format:

  • Well being (do I feel good or bad) -
  • Probes used
  • Bombs used
  • Total Claims (Cost/measured on following runs) -
  • Total weight loss/gain -

Its the first day, so, I'm being positive and, I've lost weight before i started, so positive scales run, before i start, hope I can stand the pressure.

Any nice Hints or (Beer) tips are always welcome. Will post next run tomorrow.

Please feel free to join in with this experiment and log your own experiences, & log your runs with me in the thread......(add in comments)

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Personal Drinking/Diet Log Experiment


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    Thanks for being one of the first members to create a blog!


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