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August 2009

The Calypsian Astronomers have warned us that the Typhon is on a collision course with the planet, as you can imagine this has caused global panic as the colonists are being evacuated to Exoduus Space Station.

I'm currently in Fort Argus, helping to evacuate people through the transporters. As usual there are the disorganised people who have left everything until the last moment.

I'd rather be out mining, rather than going through this, but there is no option, if the colonists aren't evacuated they will die.

In the air you can hear the Typhon's engines whining at full speed. Damn those traitorous bots!

Whilst helping some colonists evacuate I hear an explosion. Time is critical now and the wind is picking up.

I look to the south west...the direction of Hadeshiem. I can see fire walls and a shock wave heading towards us. The last of the survivors are gone now. Poor bastards in Hadeshiem didn't stand a chance.

I signal Exoduss to beam me up.

Over the radio I hear "Pol there's a problem....I'm fixining it as fast as I can."

"Well I'm toast if you don't mate."

The shockwave is almost upon me. Thankfully I start to hear the whir of the beam out. Everything fades to black.

A month later

Something is happening.... my vision is returning... oh crap I think I'm in the holographic room...that can't be good.

The holographic room is a room technicians place people in as holograms when there is a "technical dificulty" with the revival procedure. I knew this wasn't going to be good. My last memories were of being beamed out seconds before the shockwave from the Typhon's explosive crash was to hit Fort Argus.

Before me is a young man in his mid twenties, why is it that they look as if they've just left high school? I ask myself, of course I know the answer, but force myself to conentrate on the matter at hand.

His back is turned away from my as he works his console.

"Excuse me, where am I?" I ask.

The Tech turns around.

"Your on Exodus Station."

I grew terse with the obvious statement "I know that! Why am I in the holographic room?"

He looks uncomfortable now, realising that I know exactly where I am. Darn right I know! Twenty years as a career solider helped with that.

"Ummmm.....errr....My name is Bob. There was a slight problem. We're working on it as quickly as possible...we should have you at a revival point soon."

I give the kid a break and change the subject.

"OK. No problem Bob. What's the damage since the explosiion?"

He seemed relieved that the topic had changed, he manner of factly stated, "As predicted a nuclear winter set in globally, every settlement has been destroyed. The local flora and fauna appears to be holding on...barely. Hadeshiem has been completely destroyed."

Curiosity gets the better of me. "So how many people did we loose?"

The answer was given quickly "950,000 approximately didn't make it to the transporters and with the revival terminals destroyed, they had no chance. It was quick though. They wouldn't even be aware of what has happened."

Thank Lootius for small mercies I think to myself.

"Can you just leave me offline until you get this fixed then, this is kinda creepy."

"I certainly understand, the next time we awaken you, it will be when you are revived."

I start to loose conciousness again. Going back to the peaceful blackness of being totally unaware......

Next Week: Exxodus Station



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