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Exoddus Station

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Present Day

Doctor Susan Fraser is a middle aged woman just coming into her own. At 5' 11" and an angular face that is softened by her long brunette hair in the latest style from Sorg and ice blue eyes, that have a laser like look when performing her duties carefully and meticulously.

Dr Fraser had only been appointed as head of Colonial Medical Facilities on Calypso, straight from Earth. Which was unusual now days as Calypso's population is going through a baby boom since the Hadeshiem incident.

Incident she thought, what an understatement as she looked at the controls of the revival terminal. Onscreen was a lot of data covering the last known vitals of the last survivor to be beamed out as the Titan hurled itself into Hadeshiem, turning the planet into a cold and barren wasteland of a planet for five years.

Looking at the top right hand corner she could see this war heroes name. Pol Macdomhnaill. It also showed that when a technician had awoken him in a holographic suite to inform him that due to the severe planetary conditions that they wouldn't be able to revive him for some time. He made the strangest be left offline.

It was now six years since fate played that cruelest of tricks upon our unlikely hero. Unlikely because the medical history showed him as being a fiesty individual, which no doubt explained his occupation as a miner.

Although as a veteran from the previous war, this was not unusual and now it was time to revive him at Exoddus, so that he could resume his life.

Resume wasn't quite the right word, there would undoubtedly be politicians and media wanting to "hang off his coat tails", once they realised who was about to be revived.

OK Johnson, this is the day we've been waiting for, activate the revival terminal.

At that precise moment, fate intervined again! There were explosions going off in all directions.

"Johnson, shut it down ... He's going to have to wait a bit longer."

Johnson, a plain everyday technician pointed to the imaging lens....." Dr I'm shutting the system down...but look at the revival lens.

Sure enough the resequencing had already begun and you could just make out an outline of a man...before the lights faded away again.

Looking at her monitor, Susan could see that they had been able to save him again. She was relieved. Until she looked at the second screen that showed his statisics. He'd lost just about everything, muscle tone, memory (no way of knowing if these were permanent).

"Do we have access to the backup Johnson"
"No Dr that's been completely destoryed"
Oh my God, she thought. We've saved him, but I wonder what's left of him.

Next week: Awakening



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