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a return....

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So, last week I decided to make sure my account didn't disappear, since I have so many fond memories of EU.

I had chipped out 100 and some k of skills and sold my rather extensive gathering of items and bps acquired in my 1.5 year span before...this by the way was a major contributor to the purchase of the house I currently live in now. (thanks eu!).

To my surprise, I find some nice changes...enough to entice me a bit.

To note: I had chipped EVERYTHING! all profs were 1 or lower

I will say that I think that agility has a much larger component to evade than I thought it would. ( I expected to be smacked around alot) no evade skills at all and I can actually stand for a while even on some higher maturities....daikiba old alpha as example...2 deaths with a breer m2 and shogun no fap.

its now been about 1 week,

1 - 500 some ped hof on CND mining unamped

2 - team globals while sweating allos at limdan in one day (70 ped cut)

1 - berycled PUNY 72 ped global

Either I am doing things abnormally well,

Or I am being set up.....

(reminds me of vegas as a youngster...all the lights the girls the sounds the action the great 1st deck...and wham 6 hours later, lookin for gas money)

Either way, I suppose this has captured my entertainment for the time being again.... lets see how round 2 shapes up.


  1. edeanp's Avatar
    Wb Forgo. And hope you find fun and profit.


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