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Day 42 - 11/12/2007

Well, it's been a very long time since I have posted my Diary Blog due to me having a very hectic real life schedule.

I've been out of the country and back home visiting friends and family which has meant that my skilling time was severely reduced!

However, in the gaps between being too busy for Entropia Universe I managed to pack in some quite eventful times.

So, what has this intrepid hunter been up to over the last 30 days?

I think the first thing to note is my focused skill drive has gotten me to a position where I have maxed out the Korss H400. This means I am now in the sweet spot of skilling at an acceptable rate whilst being able to maintain a reasonable level of economy in what I am hunting. Since I hit Korss territory my turn over has improved dramatically, along with my general loot cycles. I will share with you my hunting data in my next blog as I want to focus on giving a general update here.

Next exciting news was my personal All Time High loot of 8.8k PEDs from a generous Feffoid Guard.

It was an impressive loot for me, as together with around 6k PEDs of residue I was delivered an Improved Korss H400 and a full TT normal Korss H400. On top of this it was nice to see my name on the HoF list again since my rebirth!

Looting the Improved Korss was a silent challenge I had set my self. I hadn't told a soul I was after one, but I was nonetheless... and my prayers were answered when I saw the full TT bigboy in the loot window. Why did I want one so bad? Some were saying, sell it, it's not worth using...but I disagree. I feel the item was of far more worth to me in utilising it. It meant I could sell over 1k PEDs worth of Korss H400s and allow me to hunt without fear of running out of Korss for an extended period of time and even improve my turn over due to being able to sell the Korss I loot whilst using it.

Skill gains have been good with it too, although this may be a merely perceived thing rather than a quantifiable measure of difference.

Other noteable events have been the getting to 104 HP and hitting 3.5k Laser Weaponry Technology. I must admit I am quite happy at the skill gain rate I am seeing. I was expecting quite a slow down at this point but things are still moving along nicely. However, the breath is not held, I'm still expecting it to stop dead almost.

The next piece of news is, of course, the new Version Update, VU 9.1. This VU has seen a big divide in opinion over those who are generally happy with the VU and those who are quite dissatisfied with it. I've learnt to accept that there are always bad times immediately after a VU implementation. It has always been the way so I will not pipe up about it. In fact I'm trying to be more positive by helping others to understand the bugs and issues better by logging the issues and endeavouring to provide solutions and workarounds for issues that apply. You can find the thread here:

In the new VU, I set about trying to hit my near target of unlocking Ranged Damage Assessment ... again . Along the way I managed to squeeze another Korss out of the new look Feffoids... to the tune of the HoF fanfare. As you can see, I wore my new lucky Santa hat to ensure my success.

Unfortunately, by end of play on day 42, I was not able to achieve my goal of unlocking RDA, however, rest assured, I will be adding the RDA EFD Gift to my Avatar on day 43!

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A new day, a fresh beginning!



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