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Microdot on Shinkis & the beach

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Over the last couple of weeks I have been spending my in-game time hunting the bejeezuz out of young - old Shinkibas for my Iron Challenge. My place of preference has been without a doubt the beach west of Fort Troy. There are a number of reasons I say this:

1) I only know of two other places - both don't come close

2) Its definitely not boring - every now and then you get a mofo of a Hiryuu spawn right on top of you (which in my case ends 98% of the time with me being dead)

3) The scenery is incredible (see image below)

Lately I have been seeing some green dots on my radar littering my beach. I am embarrassed to say that the very first time I saw one of these dots I felt like I was being violated. This is my beach I said to myself - what the f#$ is this person doing here.

Fortunately I came to my senses very quickly & can completely understand why these people are drawn to the area. So I decided to share this little place with those that don't know about it. If you are doing your Iron Challenge for Shinki's (or Hiryuus for that matter) below are some of the attractions/challenges about hunting in the area.


Lots of Mobs - You don't go far without running into little clusters of Shinkiba Young to Olds. The place is teaming with Exarosaur Young to Olds too (which for me have always made my hunts worth more).

Scenery - Awesome vegetation as you leave Troy followed by a steep drop down to the more forest, followed by the beach. The beach is in great condition and makes an uber crunchy sound as you run up to your mobs for that death kill

Easy come back - once that nasty Hiryuu has killed you its not too much of a mission to find your way back


The night time green mist - At night time there is a green mist that hangs over the vegetation as you leave Troy. For me (might just be my age showing) this makes it a little trickier to locate your mobs.

The Hiryuu's - they can be a pain in the arse - there are a lot of them, and they spawn all over the place. They like spawning on me. One day (when I have a big gun) i am going to come back to Troy & mow these mofo's down.

The Trox's - not many, but they are around - for noobs like me they are agro'd from some distance off.

The Guardians & the Doms - Every now & then you find a Exa or Shinki Guard or Dom...and its just so tempting to take them on. In my experience (with the gear used for the youngs to old) it ends up being a waist of ammo & extra tempting though

Approx Co-Ords: 810, 677

If your busy with the Shinkiba Iron Challenge & looking for a great place to hunt I highly recommend the beach East of Fort Troy. Be warned though, you are likely to see a slow moving Microdot scanning, sweating & eating Shinki's for lunch. Dont worry though there's plenty of space for us all.

NOTE: One day i am going to build a house here (after I've removed the Hiryuus of course)

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Iron Challenge - Shinkiba's


  1. DxBlueIce's Avatar
    I love the house painting
  2. microdot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DxBlueIce
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    I love the house painting
    When it comes down to construction i think i'll get a professional for the plans


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