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Hi fellow entropians. My name is Mike and I live in York , England.
I have been playing entropia for over 6 years now. i joined our universe in April 2006.
I have done everything and anything in this game of ours and never really found where i belong if that makes sense. I have tried hunting, crafting , trading , piloting. pretty much everything. The one thing i keep going back to is mining.
I have never really done it seriously i get bored or like most people run out of peds to quickly. So this is why i wanted to start a mining blog. Somewhere i can track my costs Vs Loot and really give me a purpose and add another dimention to my game play.
i will track this on a weekly basis and see what it holds.
If you have any adive or tips you want to give me plase feel free to drop me a pm or any questions you may have plase give me a shout.

My Equipment
Finder - Tk120 , OF105
Extractor - TT Extractor , OM102


  1. Nor Alien's Avatar
    No advice to give but a wish for good returns!!


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