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48 hours smoke free!!

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This is my personal quitting smoking log
48 hours ive done to the minute. thats no weed and no fags. hopefully i can reply here when its been a week


  1. Viperstrike's Avatar
    Good Luck Man! :woot:
  2. Oracle's Avatar
    Best of luck conners, so hard to stop but can be done with willpower and perseverance.

    When I was trying to stop someone told me to get past the first 3 days, then the next 3 weeks, then if you get past 3 months you've cracked it.

    So just one step at a time you'll make it.

    Having said that it took me 3 attempts coz after first 2 attempts I got involved with women who smoked and I slipped again

    Then I decided to give up women smokers as well as ciggies and I've been off them ever since!
  3. conners1010's Avatar
    thank you both very much!! day three now.. if i can make it to week three i will be happy. fingers crossed.
  4. NevadaJake's Avatar
    Good luck! We are here to support you if you are having a hard day!
  5. Rumple's Avatar
    good luck man .... doing it myself ..... been 6 days and finding it hard .... I am tough enough to put up with withdrawal but just everything seems that much more boring which I am finding hard but will keep going as I don't want an old age where I cannot breathe .....

    Keep us posted .....
  6. JasonMaximusLan's Avatar
    Grab some chewing gum m8
  7. conners1010's Avatar
    your all amazing thank you for the supportive comments. on the third day my dog died though.. was going so well but that, combined with zero sleep for 3 days, tipped me over the edge. Its a glitch but its not stopping me. Either tomorrow or the next day i am going to start again. I was going to try again this morning but my head isnt in the right place.

    Rumple mate, your doing brilliantly!! keep it up!! hope you are still doing as good. I am quitting for the same reasons really, really want to avoid these horrific things that can & probably will happen.

    Have bought the chewing gum and 2 bags of mints in preparation lol. tomorrow or the next day im hoping ill be as prepared as i was the other day when i quit.
    thanks again and good luck to everyone!
  8. Rumple's Avatar
    Keep going connors ... its going to be worth it ... don't think its easy .... the loss is hard but be strong .... 11 days now
  9. Oracle's Avatar
    So worth it, keep going mate!

    If you need any more motivation I can recommend a book called 'The Chimp Paradox' by Dr. Stephen Peters who is the psychiatrist attached to the British Cycling Team and other successful sportsmen and women.

    His model of the mind explains the struggles that take place in all of us between the primitive parts of the brain (the limbic system, our 'chimp') and the 'human part' (frontal lobes) and he goes on to explain how we can master our 'chimp' and get better control over our lives.
  10. Zap's Avatar
    Keep it up!
  11. conners1010's Avatar
    I failed miserably before. Not going to make excuses.
    Today is my seventh day without smoking pot. I've also stopped drinking in support of my dad (who is quitting alcohol)
    The general consensus is that after 30 odd days there will be no THC left in me. That is my first aim. Feeling great so far, will be good to see how I feel after the 30 days. It pisses me off thinking of it like this but I have not been without THC in my system since I was very young.
    Once we are both over these vices, which is going good, we will try to phase tobacco smoking out.
    The hard part begins. It was daft, I think, to try to stop everything at the same time before. So once it has been a month or two we will stop smoking completely.

    It's still a long road but hopefully with a bit of willpower and support for each other we can kick it all!! and return to the natural state of being a human!

    I am extremely determined and hope to be a non-smoker by at least the end of the year. Hopefully a lot sooner though. How I'm feeling now I'll never touch weed again. That alone is a good feeling.

    Aims for the new year: Getting fit!
  12. conners1010's Avatar
    Quit smoking fags yesterday. well over 24hrs without now.
    Feels a bit like cheating but got one of them electric fags. very helpful, would recommend to anyone trying to quit!
    Will slowly wien myself off them
  13. conners1010's Avatar
    7 days without smoke. Fairly chuffed
  14. conners1010's Avatar
    Exactly 2 years and 1 month since I created this blog now. On the 1st of March it will be my fifth month without smoking!!
    I am using an e-cig (otherwise I wouldn't be making this post) but it's still a proud moment for me. nearly 6 months without a fag! glad i finally managed to have a good go at stopping. hopefully I've cracked it now.

    Good luck to all!! will report back when its been a year, if I remember,


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