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Log of me not loggin in!

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I just spent time responding to some threads and a support case that I sent to MA. I am unable to continue spending so much money on this game - the game that I LOVE. I just went through $250 in one and a half weeks. I don't want to get into activities that I did, because people like to pick it apart. My point in this blog is to help me in not logging in. I could still log in and sweat, hunt punies, or sell a CLD to play again, but I feel like I should not. The only thing MA seems to even notice is if I don't play or spend.
My dilemma is I don't have as much fun when I don't have guns/ammo and I don't have $ to continue - mostly I am having one of those I am sick of this moment.

I am writing to log days not logged in, and what other things I can find to do. Any support would be appreciated.

Day 1: Played some Minecraft and a few rounds of BF3. BF3 continues to be laggy and the Minecraft server is pretty empty right now.

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