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The list of my Contributions to the Success and Growth of Entropia Universe

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Hallo Friends , directly from the Suggestions Forum,

the list of my Contributions to the Success and Growth of Entropia Universe :

1) "New FREE Graphic Engine made by Amazon + A deep collaboration with Amazon"
(In this Thread I have presented many proposals, in addition to the 2 main Themes of the Thread :
for example, you will also read about the possibility to sell 3D-Printed models of Avatars/Mobs/Vehicles/Items to Players.
All these proposals have attracted MUCH interest : now let's see what the future will bring...)

2) "Improvements in the Map Interface system"
(So far, this has been partially implemented in-game : finally Waypoints can be renamed by the Player, and they can be created and named via chat commands.
Meanwhile, other very interesting proposals are still awaiting inside this Thread)!&highlight=

3) "A New Class of Mobs, properly called 'Funny Mobs' (introducing : The Men In Black , the Slapper/aka 'Bud' , 'Bruce'/the Kung Fu[nny] Robot , and many others)"
(The "Fun-factor", and its Importance to produce a truly Successful Game. These are nice Examples about the creation of New, Funny, 'Crazy' Mobs : simply more Entertainment and a better Mood for the Players)

4) "a Custom Warning Message (set by the Player) as reminder to avoid Catastrophic Auction Mispricings"
(A Simple and VERY Effective solution to a major problem, that would also positively impact on the Reputation of Entropia Universe, and therefore on its Success)

5) "The possibility to add stagists/interns from Universities to MindArk's Graphic/Artistic Team, for low-middle tasks : thus letting some current MindArk's workers focus on more important/demanding tasks"

6) "A Suggested Experiment for some months : Changes in the Decay system of Shoes and Shades when wearing Armors"
(Here I present the possibility to create a more colorful and good looking Player Community.
No more shoeless, half-naked or "vagabond-looking" Avatars :
instead an "I Want to Be a Part of It" Player Community, nicely outfitted and good looking)

7) Enhancers : "An Impulse to Enhancer crafting, by simplifying the related crafting process"

+ + + + + + + + + + LATEST ENTRY + + + + + + + + + +
8) "The PED Center : a Very Effective substitute for both the current Transaction Center, and the PED Flow Center"

9) "Let's add 1 new action to the Action Library" + "Major Oil Rig reform"
(The 1st proposal has been considered by MindArk : infact now the 'unwanted Menu' mentioned in my thread appears only if the Player presses the right mouse button for quite some time : not instantly anymore. Meanwhile, the Oil Rig reform still remains an open, interesting Theme)

10) "A 'semi' Auto-Loot, FOR FREE, for Hunters : More Fun, and Faster Action, for an Increased Flow of Money"

+ + + + + + + + + + Important Update Added + + + + + + + + + +
11) "Adding NON-copyrighted music Tracks to the current Soundtrack"

+ + + + + + + + + + LATEST ENTRY + + + + + + + + + +
12) "New Graphical Design for Teleporters : Let's replace the old "cage-type" Teleporters with flat Teleporters + Cool Light Effects"

13) "Let's Add a Few, Fascinating New Graphic Effects to the in-game Sky"

If You appreciate what I am doing for the Success, Growth and Development of Entropia Universe,
know that ANY Donations in-game, to Support me, are VERY Appreciated

My Avatar name is : Paul Ray Spinn

Thank You Friends , for ANY Support


Mention of Honor
I would like to Mention this remarkable, Special Player :
in-game Avatar Name Michael Miks Cust

Special Player, Special Crafter, and Special Shop at "Medusa Teleporter"
(Medusa Shop 1:3 , just near the Teleporter).

All Sorts of Goods at VERY friendly prices : BLP/Laser Amplifiers, Damage Enhancers, Armatrix from 45 to 105, Perseus Armors, etc .

100% Paul's approved Quality Choice .


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