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Monria Crafting

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Started the Monria Crafting Daily to pump up my engineering.

Wanted to keep track of how much ped it cost me to do it and then factor in the MU I "pay" for that 75 pec chip.


  1. Wheelman's Avatar
    After sitting here for an hour I see that I craft 12.4 clicks a minute.

    Wish it was faster.... I set it at 2k clicks to see if I can have 500 sucesses from that.

    I am using EP1 at 100 QR and I am maxed on the BP
  2. Wheelman's Avatar
    so I lost 8 peds - had a bad run
    I can re-take the mission 16 hrs after Iturn it in to the NPC

    Worse case I pay 1k mu for the chip in losses.

    seems still worth it since Engineering cost a ton more usually

    ill be on monria for a couple days I guess doing this mission


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