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So my goal is to get 6,000 tokens and buy that charcoal coat.
I am going to just type my nonsense in this blog so I can do some lessons learned and be a better token finder!

My "tactic" is somewhat simple

There are basically 9 Daily Missions I can do for daily tokens

Daily Hunting Catagory 1: its usually a low level mission (ie merp) it gives 1 token, with a chance to get the chirpy bonus that awards 10 tokens

Daily Hunting Catagory 2: its usually a medium level mission, with a chance to get a bonus mission that awards extra tokens

Daily Hunting Catagory 3: Much higher level mobs. You have a chance to get the Fugbara bonus mission where you kill 10 Fugbaras and you get 20 tokens

Manufactoring 1: a crafting mission. I do this all the time. You have a chance to get the basic screws bonus mission here

Mining 1: a mining mission, this is the hardest of them all since it takes so much time. I have to skip this one often, but I still take it daily in case I get the bonus mission which rewards 20 tokens for finding 25 ped of lyst/crude

Feffoid Cave: easy mission rewards 1 token takes 15 mins to do

Argo Mission: kill 50 argos in a cave takes 30 mins but its easy rewards 1 token

Djinns Minions - a bit harder you gotta kill some dudes in the pitt and get some badges. You get 5 tokens

finally you can do the bloodclaw daily
i cant but maybe you can



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