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Pirate-King Jay

Change your CalypsoForums Password, This Site may have been hacked!

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"Planet Calypso: In approximately July 2019, the forums for the Planet Calypso game suffered a data breach. The breach of the vBulletin based forum exposed email and IP addresses, usernames and passwords stored as ****** *** *****.

Compromised data: Email addresses, IP addresses, Passwords, Usernames"

I got a spam Email with my password in the subject line. if you get one ignore it: don't open it. just change all your accounts passwords that use it. And it wouldn't hurt to run some Antivirus scans of your computer if our IP's got leaked.

I used "" to look into it.
It's a new site to me, so at this time I don't know if its safe: So I don't advise putting your email in to it. Do your own investigating and stay safe players.

P.S. How do I make a Thread, and is it even possible to change my password here? and Who do I message about the websites Vulnerability, not sure if it's been fixed yet or made known to the website builders

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