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!! This is a scam !!

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When two avatars compete in the same event having the same profesión levels, but one of them has 50 times more gear than the other in my opinion it is a scam. Because the avatar without equivalent resources will have no chance against the other, and he will have no option than loosing everytime. (Imagine Mike Tyson fighting in the same ring against Rambo, will be something like Tyson with a loincloth and the other with a submachine gun and grenades! Who do you think will win? Will Tyson stand a chance?... NO. He will just die because Rambo will kill him even if Tyson has more boxing skills than Rambo).

If you like competition events so much, why don't you compete in Hub-style places where things that give you an advantage like rings, cloaks, horns, pills are taken away from you. This way everyone will buy the same guns at the TT inside. The same power and weapons that only serve to compete there? The prizes can be the same or better even than the Mayhem, but it would be fair without desapointing anyone. Why don't they ask for it? Why don't they use it?

I tell you why they do not use them! In my opinión they will never do that because they will loose their advantege. Those advantages that the only a few have and the rest don’t. The ones holding the unique gear dont want to risk it that is the true.

On the other hand, I believe that the game needs people willing to invest peds, and not only avatar accounts that get all for free. The game needs them. Because a lot of useless accounts will only blow up their platform! (with a lag from the hell). Therefore, what an intelligent administration wants in this case will be that the same customer playing more. In other words, with the same investment, more is played.

Moreover, Mindark changed the hunt and implemented the new interface with the "F" key that aims, shoots and loots. Also, they change the tier system giving back the peds for upgrading and enchancer last longer now sure fine. There are tons of new good stuff implemented latelly I give them that! I like the returns from decay on armor and plates giving back the expenses. All this are good sings to be moving in the rigth direction. The game really wants people of a certain level to be able to dare to hunt more mobs and bigger ones with the same equipment they already have. However, what you may believe to be a scam, not necessarily it is to MA.

Gentlemen, if you still haven't understood the game I will give you my inside of it. Mindark wants depositors who recycle a lot for their level and MA doesn't want an exaggerated load of new players who exploit the freebies of the game, or those who never lose, and who no longer put money in. If what you claim doesn't help that, they just won't listen to you... And you know what? I think it's okay.

In summary. I would simply transform the Mayhem into a platform where everyone competes on equal terms… where everyone who knows how to play has the same opportunity. I would even raise the prizes in that case, so that more people dare to participate. You guys remember the Korean billionaire who knew NOTHING about the game (and I'm sure he doesn't know yet) but who with his money won absolutely all categories of the Mayhem? Was an Uber for you someone who didn't even know how to snack on a beer on RT or who didn't know that pirates steal in space? Is that what you aspire to be in-game? Probably not. Maybe we wish in real life to be a winning billionaire like that player, but this game has nothing to do with that desire. Nothing!

I wrote this to make you think a little. And that they (MA) understand that much of what you swear is a scam, perhaps not necessarily a scam. Maybe it's just Mindark trying to pay their workers their salaries this month. Then, in my opinion, what we should ask or claim is what is fair for everyone. For the game and for the whole community. Not just for some. And keep our game alive. I would like to continue playing the EU in 2030, if life allows me.

Good luck in the game and health in this Covid’s age.

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  1. giuly_adm's Avatar
    Time for MA to create events with standard gear only allowed, so the competition will be balanced...

    maybe not with Sollomate Opalo as prize
  2. XII's Avatar
    Where is the Battle Simulator I'm asking.......
  3. Jan van de Ven's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by giuly_adm
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    Time for MA to create events with standard gear only allowed, so the competition will be balanced...

    maybe not with Sollomate Opalo as prize

    Never Never


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