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Monday at CES

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Wow, the day started very early after about 4 hours sleep, typically things were confused and kinda hectic getting 10 some odd ambassadors to the convention center.

All told between MA employees, Ambassadors and Terpin media folks, there were 20+ people manning the booth on the first day, and all day long, everyone was busy...

I talked to about 60 folks and handed out DVD's with VU9.0 on them as well as free 50 ped cards to those that were interested.

I cant tell you how many figurines went out the door, but two ambassadors were tasked with keeping the shelves stocked and they were the busiest people at the booth...everytime I turned around they were ripping open another box of hogglos, or atrox, or longus and restocking the displays.

Bean, NetStalker, Ter, Jak, PoisenHeart, and John Capitol all took turns playing on the big screen as our voices gave out. It was nice to be able to sit down and have another ambassador explain what was going on with whoever was logged in at the time.

Very Very Very busy, and if even 10 percent of the folks that took CD's actually load them up and log in, its going to be a flood of orange.

Did I mention the booth babes?

Wow, talk about making a noob suit fashionable.

Rumor has it that MA had these girls up all night custom fitting the outfits and they did a great job in my opinion...

They were on the main isle of CES in the gaming area, and the line to get your picture taken with them was...well....lets just say it was a very popular line with Men and
Women of all ages.....

MA has represented themselves very well at this convention, and I am proud to be associated with this game at this time.

Its amazing to see the looks on peoples faces when you tell them that the game has been around for many many years and they are just hearing about it for the first time.

I just nod and wink, they run off with there miniatures and free 50 peds like they cant wait to get home and be the next Star or Skalman.

Who knows maybe this event will garner the same fame as I came in at TI, or CND introduced me to this game...

CES 2008 could be another banner year for colonists.

More pictures below.

Click to enlarge

Booth Babes, nuff said.

Click to enlarge

Buzz showing a CES participant how he HOF's every 5 minutes.

Click to enlarge

Ambassadors warming up the computers before the doors open.

Click to enlarge

miniatures that went like hotcakes....

Click to enlarge

Booth before it was swamped with CES was crazy all day long

Regards, more coming on Tuesday.


  1. jaydub's Avatar
    I was there and I wasn't offered any PED card! I would definitely have been interested. BTW, the Hogglo figurines rock! Thanks!
  2. xaph's Avatar
    Excellent report mate, I cant wait to be at
    the GO3 Entertainment Expo in Perth Australia July-August 2008
  3. NightwolfAA2k5's Avatar
    Glad to see you enjoyed yourself like xaph, I can't wait for the Perth expo in a couple weeks time


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