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Ding Dong, the Imp. is Dead!

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Day 80 - 18/01/2008

It saddens me to impart this dreadful news unto the Entropia Community; My Improved Korss H400 is now kaput .

After some serious Feffoid abuse I have manged to dwindle the full 1983 PED value down to 53 PED.

It feels like the end of an era and as such I have decided that now is a good time to bring news of my progress in focused hunting in my re-birth.

Firstly, I thought I would start with the main headliners:

  • Ranged Damage Assessment Unlocked
  • First 4k Natural Skill is Laser Weaponry Technology
  • About to hit Level 27 Laser Pistoleer
  • Handgun nearly at 4k skill also
  • HP is just about 107 now

And here are the Screens!

Whilst using the Improved Korss I managed to re-unlock Ranged Damage Assessment

I also managed to get my first skill up to 4000 all natural

So, these are the main things to have happened during my Imp. Korss days!

Now for the juicy information. In a previous blog post I mentioned that I would be disclosing my hunting data. I feel that the death of my Imp. Korss is as good a milestone as any to release that data to the community.

First of all is a graph of the data collated:

Hunting Graph showing Profit or Loss Trend

This graph is showing, on a per hunt basis, the profit and loss trend over nigh on all the hunts I have undertaken, since my re-birth.

You can see that in the beginning the average returns were pretty awful, but this changed to become a much better rate of average return as I became more skilled, whether directly related or not.

The data for this graph is coming up at the end of this blog post but one key factor of information is the average profit/loss figure. This figure is an average of the profit or loss figure over all the hunts undertaken.

With the data including the 8.8k Feffoid HoF containing the Improved Korss, the average profit/loss figure per hunt is +90 PED.

Clearly this is not a good indicative value for the normal running of a hunting avatar, so I removed the HoF from the calculation. the result was a more understandable -15 PED per hunt.

So... you may be thinking... that's loss so not very good overall! Actually, that's not really the right way to think about it.

If I tot up all my skills, which I haven't done right now, I can estimate that I have gained a fair amount of skills over this time. This will mean that the actual figure taking into account the value of these skills will be less that -15.

Considering that I understand that at some point you are paying for the service provided by MindArk, I think this is a pretty reasonable figure!

According to my figures, this 15 PED loss per hunt amounts to around 1100 PED over the 94 hunts which this took 4 months to achieve (given the seasonal holidays and travelling for work.)

1400 PED = $140 US = ~£70 GB

£70 for 4 months hunting (many hours of which) equates to ~£17.50 per month.

When considering the use of other MMORPGs, you will see that you will be spending a similar amount per month. Then add to that the fact that the skills are worth PED also, you will see that Entropia Universe is much more value for money than these other MMOs, despite the odd bug and a bit of lag

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment and now enjoy some blurb of numbers . The data is in CSV format so you can view this in Excel or any other kind of Spreadsheet tool that supports the format.

Hunt Ammo PED,Return PED,Decay PED,Profit/Loss,%,Notes
100,70,33,-63.00 ,-63.00%,
100,77,13,-36.00 ,-36.00%,
50,43.22,11,-17.78 ,-35.56%,
100,113.37,7.96,5.41 ,5.41%,
100,49.96,5.67,-55.71 ,-55.71%,
100,82.2,7.05,-24.85 ,-24.85%,
100,65.03,9.08,-44.05 ,-44.05%,
100,80.97,11,-30.03 ,-30.03%,XR40 Amp
100,44.69,7.06,-62.37 ,-62.37%,
300,303.49,32.61,-29.12 ,-9.71%,
129,82.66,7.08,-53.42 ,-41.41%,
300,215.35,35.25,-119.90 ,-39.97%,
300,221.33,22.73,-101.40 ,-33.80%,
300,247.54,33.81,-86.27 ,-28.76%,
300,231.02,31.84,-100.82 ,-33.61%,
300,235.22,32.04,-96.82 ,-32.27%,
250,315.7,18.94,46.76 ,18.70%,
200,264.03,16.43,47.60 ,23.80%,
200,176.23,20.17,-43.94 ,-21.97%,
200,193.79,27.14,-33.35 ,-16.68%,
200,211.44,32.01,-20.57 ,-10.29%,
200,174.43,21.19,-46.76 ,-23.38%,
300,362.44,42.13,20.31 ,6.77%,
300,172.9,39.06,-166.16 ,-55.39%,
300,240.56,39.18,-98.62 ,-32.87%,
300,332.97,49.29,-16.32 ,-5.44%,
300,191.13,29.02,-137.89 ,-45.96%,
300,254.17,63.65,-109.48 ,-36.49%,
300,184.95,53.74,-168.79 ,-56.26%,
300,268.76,51.53,-82.77 ,-27.59%,
300,247.76,20.57,-72.81 ,-24.27%,Korss
300,672.52,11.85,360.67 ,120.22%,Korss
300,295.52,20.74,-25.22 ,-8.41%,Korss
100,49.56,5.72,-56.16 ,-56.16%,Korss
300,352.28,25.01,27.27 ,9.09%,Korss
200,254.34,11.43,42.91 ,21.46%,Korss
200,445.54,18.27,227.27 ,113.64%,Korss
300,502.85,24.13,178.72 ,59.57%,Korss
300,296.79,6.79,-10.00 ,-3.33%,Korss
300,235,19.15,-84.15 ,-28.05%,Korss
300,322.87,16.61,6.26 ,2.09%,Korss
300,220.05,20.62,-100.57 ,-33.52%,Korss
300,420.78,13.04,107.74 ,35.91%,Korss
300,178.13,22.08,-143.95 ,-47.98%,Korss
300,10249.87,6.74,9943.13 ,3314.38%,Korss
300,282.58,9.96,-27.38 ,-9.13%,Improved Korss
300,411.13,18.2,92.93 ,30.98%,Improved Korss
300,419.23,25.98,93.25 ,31.08%,Improved Korss
300,421.23,21.5,99.73 ,33.24%,Improved Korss
300,261.92,24.59,-62.67 ,-20.89%,Improved Korss
300,297.87,19.17,-21.30 ,-7.10%,Improved Korss
300,260.27,17.81,-57.54 ,-19.18%,Improved Korss
300,318.78,17.17,1.61 ,0.54%,Improved Korss
400,669.57,94.33,175.24 ,43.81%,Improved Korss + 2xA104
400,603.41,66.5,136.91 ,34.23%,Improved Korss + 2xA104
400,330.14,87.37,-157.23 ,-39.31%,Improved Korss + 2xA104
400,487.52,63.35,24.17 ,6.04%,Improved Korss + 2xA104
200,173.18,44.8,-71.62 ,-35.81%,Improved Korss + A104
200,154.29,43.79,-89.50 ,-44.75%,Improved Korss + A104
200,287.05,43.38,43.67 ,21.84%,Improved Korss + A104
200,175.42,43.1,-67.68 ,-33.84%,Improved Korss + A104
200,230.04,44.13,-14.09 ,-7.05%,Improved Korss + A104
200,251.39,47.69,3.70 ,1.85%,Improved Korss + A104
200,187.12,44.15,-57.03 ,-28.52%,Improved Korss + A104
200,153.23,44.43,-91.20 ,-45.60%,Improved Korss + A104
200,312.13,45.27,66.86 ,33.43%,Improved Korss + A104
200,197.89,44.65,-46.76 ,-23.38%,Improved Korss + A104
200,155.34,47.1,-91.76 ,-45.88%,Improved Korss + A104
200,255.25,46.4,8.85 ,4.43%,Improved Korss + A104
200,232.88,43.57,-10.69 ,-5.35%,Improved Korss + A104
200,199.59,46.87,-47.28 ,-23.64%,Improved Korss + A104
200,335.34,45.38,89.96 ,44.98%,Improved Korss + A104
200,163.86,45.69,-81.83 ,-40.92%,Improved Korss + A104
200,194.82,53.85,-59.03 ,-29.52%,Improved Korss + A104
200,210.73,47.75,-37.02 ,-18.51%,Improved Korss + A104
200,284.11,48.51,35.60 ,17.80%,Improved Korss + A104
200,238.45,46.24,-7.79 ,-3.90%,Improved Korss + A104
200,295.05,50.71,44.34 ,22.17%,Improved Korss + A104
200,180.56,51.42,-70.86 ,-35.43%,Improved Korss + A104
200,290.92,50.75,40.17 ,20.09%,Improved Korss + A104
200,356.78,47.91,108.87 ,54.44%,Improved Korss + A104
200,387.25,54.44,132.81 ,66.41%,Improved Korss + A104
200,200.32,49.7,-49.38 ,-24.69%,Improved Korss + A104
200,160,44.29,-84.29 ,-42.15%,Improved Korss + A104
200,269.74,49.82,19.92 ,9.96%,Improved Korss + A104
200,300.29,49.01,51.28 ,25.64%,Improved Korss + A104
200,304.11,49.47,54.64 ,27.32%,Improved Korss + A104
200,213.59,48.12,-34.53 ,-17.27%,Improved Korss + A104
200,215.89,52.36,-36.47 ,-18.24%,Improved Korss + A104
200,255.34,50.91,4.43 ,2.22%,Improved Korss + A104
200,234.05,49.22,-15.17 ,-7.58%,Improved Korss + A104
200,179.55,47.5,-67.95 ,-33.98%,Improved Korss + A104
200,219.36,47.51,-28.15 ,-14.08%,Improved Korss + A104
200,173.06,22.4,-49.34 ,-24.67%,Improved Korss + A104 Half-Hunt Imp. Korss Dead

Updated 01-18-2008 at 11:46 by AkiranBlade

A new day, a fresh beginning!


  1. RazorFire's Avatar
    some great data there
  2. Timbo Witters's Avatar
    lots of data thx for sharing
    Luckely you had the hof because otherwise big losses
  3. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Actually, it wouldn't have been that big a loss at all, and when you factor in skill gains, of which have value also, its not bad at all!
  4. onyx oZ Zombie's Avatar
    nice job, thanks for the data =)


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