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Entropia Universe is "Dynamic" ...

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... and so is my participation.

Day 86 - 18/01/2008

So, Blade, what's your point??

My point is that as I had skilled up to Level 27 Laser Pistoleer, the Korss zone wasn't really working that well for me anymore, or in other words, the rate of skill gain was becoming painful.

So what have I done about that, well, for a limited time I am trialing some items I have recently purchased from my 'other' budget.

These items are:

- Improved Omegaton M2870
- Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Pack
- Full Angel Armour Male (inc. Booties!)

WHOA!! Why buy these items, what happened to economical skilling... well, this is the rub, the ability to loot Korss is still there but the frequency is now much less than it was in previous VUs. This means that to economically skill on Feffoids or any mob for that matter I needed to rethink my strategy.

Yes, the Imp. M2870 is an UL weapon with no SIB. I know this and this is why I am trialing the weapon. I want to see how well, a pretty much wet round the ears re-n00b can do with it, while sensibly hunting at the right level.

The FAP is an extension to this low-cost hunting drive. In fact the Adjusted FAP means I can now hunt naked without much issue at Camp Pheonix, save for the odd Additional Damage Critical Hits.

But isn't it cheaper to wear armour? Well, probably is a little cheaper, but, I'm not getting any First Aid skills that way. These are more important in Entropia Universe these days. Plus, I am transferring the cost into something I can regain, skills, as opposed to decay which I cannot recover by any means.

So what the heck did you buy Angel for? To be honest, this was just for those times where you get invited to a team hunt or you want to benchmark on something big. It's also a more strategic purchase as when the new planets open up, Entropia Universe will probably become busier again, and as such demand for items like this will sky rocket. I'd rather be in the position of owning at that time, than not.

This gear is most definately on trial and I will be logging the hunting data and showing this in my blog when I reach a reasonable number of data points.

So now on to other news... well first out of the hat is Face Art. Ooh pardon you Blade... NO I said Face Art not!

I decided to have a stab at doing my own face, I had something in mind but it wasn't properly formed and unfortunately this improper brief has come through to the final piece. I am pretty much happy with what I did, but it still was not quite what I was after. This was probably more to do with the way the system works than anything else.

So, here it is...

Devil-like or more Spiderman...or was that WWF o.0

As Kygon-jin would say... "<deletive expletive> Barbietropia... boring." I am going to swiftly move on to my skilling progress.

There's not a huge amount to report today:

- 4000 Handgun reached
- Level 28 Laser Pistoleer reached
- Level 25 Ranged Laser reached

4000 Handgun Natural

Skills to watch out for are:

- Nearly 108 hp
- Nearly 75 Agility

And that's where I think I will leave this blog! GL&HoF

Updated 02-14-2008 at 16:46 by AkiranBlade

A new day, a fresh beginning!


  1. levithanikos's Avatar
    LOL dude... the makeup reminds MUCH more of Sklipnot !

    Akiran-jin ... Daijobu desuka?

    About the Angel and Adj Fap i think you it's the move to do .. wish i had the Peds... I'll keep reading your skill-log . It's interesting ...

    Matane Akiran-dono!
    Updated 01-24-2008 at 21:26 by levithanikos
  2. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Hehe, glad to hear you read my Blog

    The Kygon-jin bit was a play on Quai-gon-jin from Star Wars... or however it's spelt.
  3. levithanikos's Avatar
    Yes i like Reading other ppl Blogs.. you learn many things ... if they want to share their info of course .... read mine too if you wish .... not much of writing .. mostly posting my new ranks and levels in skills . To keep track of em
  4. andyzammy's Avatar
    adj fap, fantastic move, i did the same :P also, i think it [I]is[/I] cheaper than using armour.. i frequent swamp camp a lot and i tried going w/o unplated goblin for the first time.. i only do 40ped hunts so average armour decay is only 1ped, but with the 2 armourless hunts its decay has been ~same, and 20pec cheaper than with armour so i'd say it is the best bet rather than with armour.

    i saw u global on hogs yesterday and thought wtf lol! :D angel explains that. u don't really need it with adj fap (adj fap IS angel armour if u use it the right way), but i can't argue that its not the right move buying it because inflation will kick in once china comes, so nice one!

    weapons, i think ur going the wrong way there tbh. my buy was cb19 UL, so i'm max HA and dmg and no losing nearly as much as u will be (or more accurately can kill way more for the same ped). its weaker than urs ofc, but its still an entry level weap for mid/high end mobs, and i can just have someone fap me with my adj to increase my eco, so i'm still pedwise.
  5. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Appreciate your comments on the purchases. Fancy relieving yourself of that Imp. FF8k?

    Reason for Angel, was entirely based on; it's better have than have not. I don't intend to use the Angel an awful lot. Of course, I am using it right now, but this is because Serendipity is right around the corner. In my honest opinion though, wearing Angel is cheaper than plated Ghost, lasts a bit longer before becoming limp and doesn't seem to cost a great deal at the repair terminal.

    Regarding the weapon, I agree with you, however, the repair bills are awesome, the skill gains are respectable and along with all three (and moving to four) purchases, I'm playing the longer game. All this high price UL stuff seems to be dropping more and more and I don't like the risk of tieing up too many PEDs into an item that won't see me to the ultimate goal of Level 100.

    Essentially this is what I am doing, playing the longer game, Angel, Adjusted FAP, Imp. M2870 and hopefully soon to be Imp. FF8k, I will have an awesome low-end &#252;ber set-up they will probably only increase in value over time.

    My participation is like Entropia, dynamic, as this blog is titled. I may well stop using the Imp. if the results prevail on the negative side.


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