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EFD Store Upgrades

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The EFD system is undergoing a massive overhaul. The EFD system in use on EntropiaForum is a third-party addon to the core forum software. The old EFD software addon was outdated, had some security issues, and was no longer supported by the programmer.

Thus, I have had to migrate over to a new commercial addon. Thankfully, I have found a very powerful and full-featured forum points system to replace the old software, and it promises to make the EFD system better than ever! This software is much more flexible and has many more nice features than the old one, and is much more secure.

All member EFD balances and purchased options are saved and backed up, so no need to worry about losing your accumulated EFDs or features.

I am working hard to get this transition fully completeted soon. Updates and progress will be posted in this thread:
EFD Store Maintenance

Thanks for your patience!
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  1. Queen's Avatar
    I think we all appreaciate your hard work and I for one am looking forward to the updated EFD store.


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