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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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Day 106 - 07/02/2008

This is just a small update on my current situation, I've been skilling hard on the ol' Argon00bs. Results seem to vary a lot, I think I can even see my loot wave on the results, but this will need further analysis.

The upshot is, I have been 'losing' overall, but until I compile the results and understand the averages and then offset this against skill value I'm not really going to know the true extent of the situation. This will be detailed in the coming weeks. I feel the best thing to do at this time is to keep drilling with the current equipment, right the way up to Coolness.

On the subject of skills, those of you who have been keeping tabs on my Blog will know that I have already attained Serendipity. Part of this update is to relay unto the viewers that I have just hit Level 32 already. That was about 5-6 days of skilling (2-3 hunts per night.)

With that figure in mind, I project that Coolness, with a bit of variable skill gain rate taken into account also, that Coolness should be re-enabled sometime next month. The next few Blog entries should, therefore, be quite interesting to see if that theory holds any water.

So, where am I right now? Well here is a quick run down of the basics:

  • 112 HP almost 113
  • 75.25+ Agility
  • Level 32 Laser Pistoleer
  • Level 29 Ranged Laser almost Level 30
  • Level 10 Evader
  • Level 11 Paramedic
  • Nearing my first 5k Natural skill, LWT
  • Handgun not far behind
  • Rifle @ ~500 now through tagging alone

Level 32 Laser Pistoleer, already?

5k all natural skill, already?

All I can describe about my skill gains right now is "blistering." I'm actually quite amazed at how quickly everything is going up. Of course a number of factors could be and probably are affecting this rate and these are, as I personally see it:

  • Being focused in my skilling
  • Using a special high dmg/sec weapon
  • Using the best scopes I could get for reasonable money (Jakth, Hunnir x2)
  • Using a good set of armour enabling me to hunt higher end mobs than I would normally be able to
  • Using an economical FAP allowing me to hunt those mobs with good economy

Anyhow, that's it for now and as promised I'm going to leave you with some shots of me with my new gear.

Angelic Akiran, how peaceful he looks!

This is my rifle, this my gun... this if for hunting and this is for fun.. hooah

So the question you have to ask yourself is, do ya' feel lucky? Well, do ya', punk!?

War paint makes all the difference, don't you think?

Updated 02-08-2008 at 13:26 by AkiranBlade

A new day, a fresh beginning!


  1. RazorFire's Avatar
    Nice going, cant believe how quickly youve skilled back up! Want to join WoF support in PvP 4 next weeknd?
  2. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Hehe, thanks but not this year, maybe next year I may be interested, but I'd rather just support in spirit this year.

    It's really surprising me too at how quickly I'm gaining pro-levels. I think the Improvedness of my gear must be influencing this.

    I'm actually at Level 32.5 already since making this Blog post.


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