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Level-o-matic it says on my X-fire profile...

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and Level-o-matic I am!

Day 114 - 15/02/2008

This is pretty much just another update post. Not alot to report really. I've managed, however, to hit two milestones as of last night (or was that this morning o.0.)

These were:

  • Level 34 Laser Pistoleer
  • First 5000 skill (LWT)

One more level until the mid-point between Serendipity and Coolness!

This was getting tough to obtain!

Sure enough the skill gains are starting to get slower and slower, the last 100 levels of Laser Weaponry Technology were extremely painful (and not even coming up for a rank either!)

The Argon00bs aren't paying too wonderfully but until I compile the data there is no point in me speculating on the damage done. I have had to deposit, but I never expected to do this without deposits.

Coming up soon is the Level 35 marker. What's so important about this then? Well two things really:

  1. I will be half way between Serendipity and Coolness!
  2. Level 35 is when I will start using the A204 amplifier I purchased not too long ago.

Why use the A204, are you skilled enough for it? To be honest; probably not! I'm not really skilled enough for the Improved M2870 either let alone adding the amp to that too.

Well ok, so you know this and you're going to use it anyhow? Yes! The reason for this is I wanted a reasonable comparison of hunting when using an amplifier and hunting without one. There was recent discussion on the Your experience with Feffoids thread. Personally I don't believe hunting with an amplifier will aid your returns and in-fact will just give you a bigger decay bill and bigger losses (not by much I guess.)

So there you have it, I'm making it a personal mission to compile 5 ranks worth of data un-amped and 5 ranks amped and then compare the results. I did a quick comparison on the Feffoid hunting using the Improved Korss but there were not enough data points to make it valuable data and the figures themselves were flawed due to the way I was recording Korss value in the loot.

Not enough data really, but it looks pretty though.

That's it from me for now folks. Thanks for reading my blog and good luck out there on Calypso. May the HoF be with you!



  1. levithanikos's Avatar
    It's nice reading your blog m8 and hope you get some ATH cause seems you deserve it
  2. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Bah, ATH, keep it, I want itamz
  3. Arc0's Avatar
    you meen good items, because i get shity ones all the time


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