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The Skill Crunch

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Day 121 - 22/02/2008

OUCH, what a crunch it is. Things have really started to slow down now. I've just hit Level 36 Laser Pistoleer and it's taken me 17 hunts using the Improved M2870 with an A204. o.0

Level 36 - This is taking some effort now!

I expected it to slow down though, so, it's really not a problem. As far as I'm concerned it's still moving a lot faster than the first time around, costing me less than first time around too.

Anyhow, on to other news! So what else is up with AkiranBlade? Well here is the summary:

  • LWT now @ 5.2k
  • Handgun @ 5k
  • MMS @ 4k
  • Health @ 117
  • Agility moved past the 75.5 mark... just a little
  • Rifle up to 1.3k through tagging!

I also managed to get my first ever triple over two years and 5 months of playing!! lol But typically, the screenshot I thought I had, was nowhere to be found, I think I hit the Num Lock button instead of Print Screen... how annoying!

This was just a mini-update, I will be back when I've triumphed in getting to the next level!

Have fun, gl and HoF!



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