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An Unexpected Result

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Day 128 - 29/02/2008

Well, that was unexpected... "What was?" I hear you say... errm no, it's just me, hearing the voices again!

Basically, if you caught my last Blog post you will have understood that I was monitoring the number of hunts it takes to get from one level to another. After the first two hunts I established that there could be a +2 formula on the number of hunts (which coincidentally is linear to the amount of PEDs used in ammo.)

So, in summary, Level 35 to 36 took 17 hunts, Level 36 to Level 37 took 19 hunts so Level 37 to Level 38 should take 21 right? Makes sense yeah? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.... NO. Level 37 to Level 38 took 19 hunts ooookay.

What I can deduce from this at this time is that I will have to average the hunt number moving forward to get the correct +figure.

OK, no for the summaries:

  • Reached Level 38
  • Reached Level 35 Ranged Laser (only 10 more to Wounding!)
  • Made 119 HP
  • Bought an Omegaton ASG-2 Swine Deluxe
  • Bought a Bull Tac80 Amplifier
  • Bought an Improved EP-21 Defender

A Swine!! The swinnie... ARE YOU MAD. I think so...however, I felt it was a reasonable investment and I vow to not using until I am Land Grab capable, some time next year.

I snagged the Improved Defender as someone was selling it cheap at Twin, therefore I felt it was a wise investment, plus, I am now using it to finish while Aidan is using my Adjusted M2722. In fact I really like this pistol, and if I ever need to hunt something smaller than a Feffoid, I will be using it, it's great and very economical.

Here are some screens for you to peruse...

Level 38, came sooner than expected!

The Professions overview at in reaching Level 38.

Skills overview at Level 38.

Core Stats at Level 38.

Didn't I say something about leaving the Swinnie in storage? o.0

Once wasn't enough ,-)

That's it for now folks, see you at Level 39 in a couple of days!

Updated 03-01-2008 at 16:33 by AkiranBlade

A new day, a fresh beginning!



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