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Who flicked the switch?

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Day 130 - 02/03/2008

C'mon, fess up? (He's gone mad again hasn't he!) Who flicked the skill gain switch for my account?

Aaargh, Level 39 was a pain, it was all going very well, made 38.5 by the end of Saturday so felt that acheiving 39 shouldn't be a problem at all... ugh. It was all proceeding as expected up until about hunt 20 when the skill gains just stopped...dead. It was like someone had flicked a switch... "no more for you sonny-jim." I was hunting away, moving around the spawn, getting aggro'd... "What the deuce?" I couldn't seem to get any joy. I hope it was just a 'phase' and I will have to see how the next week of hunting goes. Either way, I should have Coolness before the weekend is over at the end of this week. Over the week I will have to monitor the skill gains.

I'm even wondering if it is some kind of self-defense mechanism of Entropia Universe. I have never seen gains stop so abruptly before, NEVER. What do I mean by self-defense mechanism? What I mean is that to prevent people from skilling 24x7 and gaining super amounts of skill in a short calendar space of time the skill gains are just reduced to a minimum after a set number of hours have been logged within a particular time-frame. I'm just taking a shot in the dark, it could be that just-like-that I've outgrown Argonauts and need to move on to a different mob... but not before I obtain Coolness!

Level 39 - A whole lot of work!

I counted 22 hunts from Level 38 to 39, thus far that gives data of:

35-36: 17
36-37: 19
37-38: 19 ()
38-39: 22

If I look at this on an average increase per hunt the figure I get is (with workings:)



d1 is difference 1
d2 is difference 2
d3 is difference 3
dn is number of hunts/differences


d1 = (L36-L37) - (L35-L36) = 2
d2 = (L37-L38) - (L36-L37) = 0
d3 = (L38-L39) - (L37-L38) = 3
dn = 3


(d1+d2+d3)/dn = (2+0+3)/3 = 1.66

If I stuck with Argonauts (given the current data) it would take, on average, an 1.66 increase in the number of hunts per level. However, if the skill gain I was getting last night is going to continue, then I expect to see this figure increase significantly over the next week.

My HP has stopped tracking my main profession so tightly now, I new that wouldn't last forever so now the professions 'metre' is getting away from the HP metre. I'm currently running around with 119 HP I should hit 120 by the time Coolness arrives and then that should start to move quickly again until Coolness slows down.

I also managed to hit Level 36 Ranged Laser yesterday... only 9 more to Wounding! .

Other news: Let's not forget the big news of the weekend!!! I made the 10k HoF barrier!! At last!

One word... über ,-)

The irony is I had popped out to buy a UKash ticket to desposit but hadn't actually deposited it yet, something told me to just leave it alone until I absolutely needed it...

I was fortunate to catch an old friend online last night; Collector. He's been an in-game buddy for a long time now and it's good to see him logging in again. I made the decision to invite him into the Shadow of the Beast society, he's a great friend to have and loves a spot of pKing, as do I. I'm intending for my society to be a Land Grab capable society by next year, but this is going to require a lot of work by the society and by me in recruiting the right individuals.

So, in order to actually recruit him, I had to go through a wormhole to actually achieve this! Good ol' Collector

You can always trust Collector to open up a Wormhole for you ,-)

That's it for now, my next Blog should be between Friday and Sunday of this week. Good luck and HoF all!


  1. andyzammy's Avatar
    nice one blade :)

    seeing as though you're pretty much at lvl 40, how's about a lil financial summery for the audience? ^^

    how much return do u get on average? one of those chart things u did for ur k400 hunts would be best i suppose, but i'm guessin that if u were ready u'd release another one.

    how much would you say you have "lost" in this new stint? don't include skillgains for proffit/loss purpouses, nor items bought. mainly an ammo usage q.

    thanks, ur progression is wicked fast! we're all like :O
  2. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Hey chap, if you look back through my blogs you can see the data for level 30 to 35.

    I will release the data in full for 35 to 40 and an overview of 30 to 40 with a comparison of 30 to 35 and 35 to 40 due to me amping for the latter 5 levels.
    Updated 03-05-2008 at 09:59 by AkiranBlade


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