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Akiran is cool... again!

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Day 138 - 10/03/2008

Well, after a seemingly endless task in the last level I've finally cracked Coolness open again! Huzzah!

It has been an extremeyl trying week, I was merrily hunting away South of Nymphtown until I reached about the half way mark through Level 39. Basically, when the mini-update came down I couldn't not get on into Entropia Universe...!!! AAAAAAAAARGH

What with that and the ridiculous wait to revive now it has not been a good week at all!

Eventually, when I was able to get back in without interruption I decided that I was going to be delayed if I stuck on the argonauts. I made the decision to move over to Longus on Longuland north of Nate Valley.

Aren't those Longu a little large? Well, in fairness, looking at their abilities, the type of damage they do and comparing them to Argonauts, they are in fact the next logical progression, certainly with equipment permitting.

So here are the screens...

Level 40 - The golden moment!

It's not red anymore!

My Health at the time

I want to thank Razorfire for coming to witness the moment in person He needed a break from his skilling and I enjoyed the company.

So.... come on Blade, let's see the data!! Whoa there... it's rather late and I need to enter it all into my excel spreasheet! Yeah I do thinks the old antiquated ways with Pen and Paper!

When I've compiled the results into binary I can then start to do the analysis so stay tuned for the data

I'm going to leave it there for now as I'm creamed and I have a Gradivore Stalker sniffing around me at the moment!

GL and HoF



  1. YoBuk's Avatar
    Big Grats on being Cool!
  2. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Thanks mate
  3. il's Avatar
  4. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Thanks il, reminds me I need to post the data!
  5. Poisonhearts's Avatar
    Where's this data?
  6. AkiranBlade's Avatar
    Bah, having Vista-64, overclocking and benchmarking night


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