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Blog of a retired player (retired, yeah right)

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Nah.. not really retired :P
But i did think i had to stop playing EU in order to shift my attention from virtual world to real world.
Last year i decided it was time for me to buy a house and realised that it was never going to be a house if i didnt stop depositing insane amounts of money to my beloved EU

So right after signing the sales-contract i started selling out my EU skills and items and prepared for my exit.
... but let's leave a few HG skills on BruuD.. just so i can use a korss350 if i really feel like playing just a little EU again... oh, and some spare peds..

Even tho alot of my time is now spent on RL stuff, i still find time to play some EU almost every day.
And who thought it was gonna be no fun without skills and fancy equipment?
I've managed to buy a nemesis armor, ek2600 fap and some (L) equipment.
After my sellout i had about 10k total skills left and about 97 HP *lol*
Now i got 103 HP's and i max the Emik T10 (L).
I can tell ya, it's still alot of fun, even without 210k skill

Since i work as a software engineer and dont always like doing work, i decided to start a blog here to kill time (sorry boss).
I will update it whenever i feel like and hope that sometimes it's even interesting enough for anyone to read



  1. Doer's Avatar
    There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and BruuD going away and coming back.

    Have fun and welcome back!


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