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Busy period, but still enough time to play EU.

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I dont have alot of time to post anything here because of busy times at work and private life (yes, the house renovation eats time..)
But luckely i still manage to play EU every day
I try to do 500 ped ammo every evening and since i max the T10 and LP470 that is not really hard anymore.
The ambuland near Nea's is my favorite hunting spot atm because of the huge spawn.
And ambu seem to drop nice loot, good enough for me to stay anyways.
I'm saving up all my loot until the card is empty and then i'll sell for markup on auction.
Let's see if i can come close to breaking even this way (i guess not )



  1. levithanikos's Avatar
    Well dude... i think that the 18k Esto was a REALLY nice loot and i would love to be able to have that UL ul3 ...
  2. BruuD's Avatar
    Thanks Dmon.
    Now go loot yours!


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