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This deserves a blog post

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One week since my last post and oh boy what a week that was.
Most of you know that in june 2006 i hit an ATH on a hogglo mature wich basicly started my hardcore EU addiction.
Since that day i hunted alot, like 100 times more than before the ATH, i dont know exactly how much.

Despite all that ammo and decay spend, all the skills earned and bought, all the highend equipment used, i never hit anything about 700 ped TT value in hunting since that day.

Last sunday i went out for a mining run (wich i only do if i'm really bored) and after finishing the run i ran into some scips wich i decided to slaughter.
And *bang*, i hit a 2.2k hof on a scipulor old.
What a rush! My first uber since ~20 months!

The day after i continued skilling like i always did before, at my favourite ambu spawn, not expecting anything out of the ordinary.
*bang* i hit a 1.3k ambulimax
Wtf, i couldnt believe my luck!
2 ubers in such short period of time after such a long dry spell...

So pedcard healthy, bruud happy and i just go on like i always did.
This time i decide to hunt some estophyls on DrDooms land.
Always liked those long blue bastards.
I talked to DrDoom about his spawn and how i liked it so much and planned on camping the LA for a while.
He said he'd pay me 100 ped for every uberhof i got there, but obviously i just laughed and said not to expect to get anything after my lucky streak.

One hour of hunting later the golden sparks show up again!
18.600 ped including an unlimited Riker UL3
What the flying fuck?! How can this be possible?!
I never ever expected this kind of loot and i was shocked, but also very happy of course.
Loot works in strange ways... thats for sure!

Thank you to everyone who send me gratz PM's right after and all the ppl gratzing here on EF.
Sorry to the people that were camping that area and didnt get the loot, you deserved it too, obviously

FYI: I'm not going on a shopping spree and i won't buy any skills.
I will just play like i was doing before and continue to have fun!



  1. Oracle's Avatar
    Gratz on your latest Hof's mate, I remember you getting that uber Hog HoF!

    Just wanted to check with you think that mining and crafting helps with hunting HoF's? I mean do you think decay put in via combined hunting, mining and crafting losses leads to more Hof's?

    Just that I've noticed crafter/hunters seem to get hunting Hof's more often than all-out hunters like myself and it also fits in to my 'personal loot pool-Hof's as a % of the decay + ammo you put in' theory?

    What is your hunch on this mate or do you think it's just down to chance?
  2. BruuD's Avatar
    Hey mate.
    Thanks for your gratz.
    I remember like yesterday that i met you at some outpost while i was running around in OJ, searching for TPs, and asked you all kind of noob questions

    As for what i think about the combined "decay", i think those pools are seperate.
    So crafters dont pay for hunting hofs and visa versa.
    It just would not be logical to share those pools (and also extremely complex).

    I also doubt it has much to do with decay/ammo spend.
    Some one day noobs hit uber hofs, they have hardly spend anything yet.
    So i really wouldn't know how it works
    It's probably all just a big game of chance where you can only minimise your losses by maximizing your economy.


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