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Life According to this PE Addict...

You never forget your "First"......

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Welcome back,

As I was saying in the title, You never forget your "First" global, HoF, or your trip to the oil rig

My first global happened within the first 3-4 months of playing. I would hear stories at work from my co-worker about his adventures the night before, and all the loot he was finding and a few globals over the weekend. Had me wondering if/when that day would come for me....

Sure enough, one day as I'm running around East Scylla I see that the mobs there are pretty easy for a n00b such as myself. I killed a corn mature and I thought I hit the mother load 55 ped global! I was so proud, took a screen shot, printed that bad boy and showed it off to my co-worker the next day! The loot window consisted of 2 kobald masks 1F 1M, kobald gloves, a tentacle. As I recall and the rest was in ped/pec. I'm quite sure that pic is shown in my album for what it's worth.

My first HoF, that was an experience I'll never forget! I recall being home on the weekend and thinking I'll wander into a new area(at least for me) So, I made my way West with a side of South from Fort Argus. Met a few snarksnots, and exso's along the way curious to see what else lays ahead I saw a few Ambu's which I knew were a bit out of my league and tried to avoid them as best as I could... OH! What do we have here? Maffoids!! thought I'd give them a whirl... the loot was decent as I recall a few 5 pedders here a 15 pedder there. I stopped for a few minutes to chat with a few friends and a maffoid spawned and ran over to me catching me off guard. So naturally I did what most of you would have done and killed it. OMG HoF!!!! 1030ped it took a moment to register, I scrolled back the all chat to make sure I wasn't mistaken. I'm glad I had 1 soc mate on to share that excitement with. Man, what a rush that was!! My screen shot of that is posted in my album too.

Last but not least.... My first trip to the Oil Rig... Most players hear about the Oil Rig with in their first few weeks of playing... I heard about how it's hard to get there, and if you should make it, you have to worry about the BIG NASTY Atrox's that lurk there and OH let's not forget about the super uber players that can and will most likely shoot you on sight.
So, with that in the back of my mind I took my chances and started my long journey from Twin Peaks. Just to give you an idea of just how prepared I was I was probably wearing a mis-match of Shogun/ Goblin no plates, No TP chip, and my trusty Opalo in hand. To be honest, the trip there wasn't too bad, I did make it to the Oil Rig in 1 long attempt, I was fortunate that once I arrived, there was nobody there! I will admit to feeling slightly disappointed in the actual size of the oil rig and wondered if the scary stories were only being told to keep the n00bs away I stood at the oil rig for what seemed like 1-2 minutes at most, wondering where this "oil" is and what do I do to get some? And thinking that it's odd that I managed to make it unharmed... to good to be true. I was then greeted by another player who tp'd there, and he asked what I was doing there... I told him I just got here and wanted to see what the fuss was all about. He then asked if I was able to get any oil. I said no, I don't know how it works. The next thing I know... BAM I'm dead. Well.... that was enough for me...I made my way back to Twin Peaks, feeling proud in the sense that I made it by myself, and yet feeling disappointed that the Oil Rig was not as I imagined... Oh Well!!

I suppose there is a lesson in there somewhere.... I guess the most obvious one being, Don't be intimidated! Go out there and explore no matter what your skills are. Go out there and see the Oil Rig for yourself, just because my experience wasn't all that amazing, doesn't mean yours won't be

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Life According to this PE Addict.


  1. jambon's Avatar
    hehe I remember my first hof hunting... was an atrax on my way to the rig :P 743 peds I think

    You were lucky to get there both in one piece and with no one there lol evertime I go I get killed by someone

    Too bad you didn't get any oil


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